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Welcome to Spanishland School Summer Intensive


It's amazing that we are already at the final official week of the course.

Don't worry, just because it is a review week, it doesn't mean it has to be boring!

We have lots of reading exercises this week and of course will be wrapping up our audio series, Bajo el Sol del Verano.

Below are the links to this weeks content:

Here's the link for the Intermediate Week 7 Material:

Here's the link for the Advanced Week 7 Material: 

Here's a few quick announcements.

1) For those who emailed Nate about the Fall meetup, thank you! Even if it is a small group, we think it will be a lot of fun just to connect with you guys in person. 

For everyone else, perhaps we can stop by your neck of the woods in the future. 🙂

2 ) I'll try and send out information this week on next steps and how you all can keep the progress as you head into the bottom half of the year. We definitely don't want you to lose that momentum you started this summer!

If you are like most students in the course, you still have plenty of material to go through or review again.

As a reminder, we will always have the Facebook group open to connect with you all and you can reach out anytime if you have questions.

After taking some time off, we will be gearing up for our next semester and next crop of students in the fall.

Make sure to check out our future live classes that we will host on various Spanish topics. You will of course get emails about when they will be held. 

3) Nate will be sending out a short anonymous survey this week on what you liked and didn't like about the course. Please be completely honest and it would mean a lot to us if you could spend a few minutes to fill it out. 

Make sure you don't miss our last live class today! Have a fantastic week ahead!


Week 1 - Material

Intermediate Students - Week 1

Advanced Students -Week 1

Week 2 - Material

Intermediate Week 2 Content

Advanced Week 2 Content

Week 3 & 4 Course Material

Intermediate Students - Week 3

Advanced Students - Week 3

Intermediate Students - Week 4

Advanced Students - Week 4

Intermediate Students - Week 5

Advanced Students - Week 5

Intermediate Students - Week 6

Advanced Students - Week 6

Week 7 - Intermediate Students click below:

Week 7 - Advanced Students click below:

Should you ever have any technical problems, please feel free to reach out at any time to Support@Spanishlandschool.com.

Nate and Andrea

Nate Alger


Andrea Alger


7 Week Structure

Here's a look at the schedule and when the material will be released
Week 1

Released Sunday, July 16th

Intermediates - Preterite vs. Imperfect

Advanced - Present Subjunctive vs. Indicative


Week 3

Released Sunday, July 30th

Intermediates - Present Perfect/ Future Plans

Advanced - Imperfect Subjunctive - Present Perfect

Week 5

Released Sunday, August 13th

Intermediates - Imperative (Orders, Instructions, Advice & Suggestions

Advanced - Conditional Tenses - Imperative

Week 2

Released Sunday, July 23rd

Intermediates - Past Perfect/ Future Conditional & Por vs. Para

Advanced - Present Perfect Subjunctive & Por vs. Para

Week 4

Released Sunday, August 6th

Intermediates - Direct and Indirect Object

Advanced - Past Perfect Subjunctive

Week 6

Released Sunday, August 20th

Intermediates - Present Subjuctive vs. Indicative

Advanced - If Clauses and Reported Speech


Week 7 - Final Review

Released Sunday, August 27th

In week 7 we will go over all the material from the previous weeks to reinforce what you learned and make sure all your doubts and questions have been answered.

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